• From Faro airport to Estorninhos via the (toll) highway (52.8 km, 43 min)
    For this you need a toll box for the car. Is available at car rental.
    Faro towards Lagos via the N2
    Take the A22 towards Spain (Espanha). After 22 km you choose the N270 towards Tavira. After approximately 5 minutes, take the exit onto the R125. Continue on the M1236 and the M1234.
  • From Seville Airport to Estorninhos, take the A49/E1. At the border crossing, change to the A22 E01. After about 9 m turn right onto the R125. Continue your route via the EN1236 and the M1234.
  • From Faro airport to Estorninhos via N roads (48.8 km, 54 min)
    Follow the N125 towards Olhao. The N125 continues via R125. Follow Luz de Tavira.
  • Or: enter the following coordinates in Google Maps that lead to your holiday home Quinta para Voce. 37.22051, -7.62234
Opposite the neighborhood restaurant Associação Agrocinergética dos Estorninhos (see pic.), (EM1234 412Z) follow the unpaved road. After some descent you will reach a junction at the top of the hill. Turn left at this junction and after about 100 meters you arrived at Quinta para Você.

Neighborhood restaurant