How nice is it to escape the wet and cold winters and enjoy the pleasant weather that the Algarve has to offer in winter?
With temperatures between 15-20 degrees during the day and often even warmer in the full sun, it is more than a good place to stay in winter. At night it rarely drops below 10 degrees and on average there are about 24 days of sunshine per month. So have a good stay!
Nature is at its best in the winter months. It is also a good time for cycling, walking and golf, because it is not too hot and certainly not too cold.
The nice thing about spending the winter in Quinta para Voce is that you get the peace and quiet and can look up ‘ commotion ‘ in nearby Tavira. There is always something to do here, even during the winter months. Many terraces are open for a nice drink in the sun, the restaurants are still cozy and the markets and shops are also open.
In the house the air conditioners are used as heating and heaters are installed in the bathrooms. It is always nice to get warm when it gets cooler outside.
During the day there are always several places on the site to enjoy the sun.